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Parking Information

This year, students will pick their assigned parking spot that they will have for the 2023-2024 school year.  On the online registration form, there will be a map with the parking spots numbered, so students can choose their spot.  Once students complete the form and pay their parking fees, they can come to the school to pick up their parking pass that corresponds to their assigned spot.  As a reminder, you MUST bring your license, registration, proof of insurance, AND parking fee receipt in order to get your parking pass.


To avoid getting a ticket, you must be parked in your assigned spot and have your parking pass visible on the first day of school, so make sure to sign up soon to get the spot you want and be prepared for the first day of school!  If someone happens to be in your spot, do not park in another numbered spot.  Instead, park in the visitor parking at the front of the school and let the front office know and we will address it.


Online Registration Form