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PSAT Information




To take the PSAT on October 12th, 2022, you should have filled out the Google form by September 9th. If you received a confirmation email, you are enrolled to take the PSAT. Arrive at school by 7:15am and check your email before the testing date to find out which area of the school you will be testing at. Emails will be sent out the week before the testing date. 

PSAT Administration

**Administration Date: October 12th, 2022**

*Northwest Cabarrus administers the PSAT in the fall each year. This test is administered to juniors enrolled in our school via a sign-up form HERE. Students take this exam as their qualifying entry for the NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLARSHIP. PSAT is a voluntary exam but juniors who plan to attend a four-year college or university are strongly encouraged to take this test, as it serves as excellent practice for the SAT.

*The PSAT will be offered to a limited number of 10th grade students on a first come, first served basis depending upon availability and only once all juniors who want to take the exam are accounted for. Tenth-grade students are urged to take this exam as both practice for the SAT and as practice before taking it in their junior year for the scholarship opportunity. 



The PSAT will be October 12, 2022.

Where:  NCHS (check email to see the exact room you will be testing in)

When:   7:15 AM

Pre-administration of the PSAT will be held TBD.  Pre-administration makeup will be determined at a later date. During this time, we will bubble in important demographic information on your answer sheet and students will be made aware of what room to report to for testing.




  • Number 2 pencils (No mechanical pencils).
  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Bring a graphing calculator.
  • Please leave electronics in your car or leave them at home.
  • Photo ID


Approved calculators can be found at this link:


WHAT DO I DO IF I AM ABSENT? Unfortunately, there is no make-up date for this exam. Keep in mind that since this test is voluntary, there is no available option for a make-up test.


The PSAT is very similar to the SAT with having a Reading Test, Writing and Language Tests, and Math Test. The exam lasts a total of 2 hours and 45 minutes. The exam consists of mostly multiple choice questions, though some math questions have you write in the answer instead of selecting it.



Length (Minutes Number of Questions/Tasks
Reading 60 47
Writing and Language 35 44
Math 70 48
Total 165 139



**Scores will be available online through by December 6th, 2022..**



PSAT Practice Questions