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AP (Advanced Placement)

Current AP Teachers & Subjects

AP US History - Mr. William Connelly

AP World History - Mrs. Liana Montaglione

AP US Government - Mr. Mark Helms

AP Psychology - Mrs. Amy LaMarre

AP English Language - Mrs. Mary Craig

AP English Literature - Ms. Alannah Wilson

AP Statistics - Mrs. Beth Dwinell

AP AB & BC Calculus - Mrs. Karen Mullins

AP Chemistry - Mrs. Lekshmy Girija

AP Biology - Ms. Karen Bostic

AP Environmental Science - Mrs. Robyn McNally


Davidson Next AP Program:

 Davidson Next materials are specifically designed to enhance mastery of the most challenging concepts in the AP® curricula – in other words, the hardest material you will encounter in these college-level courses.



 AP Exam Information  Exam Costs & Locations  Facts
Students will take college level classes at NCHS earning both High School credit and potential college credit. AP courses are free and currently the state of NC pays the exam fee for all students ($87 per test). If you do not sit for your test then you will reimburse the school for this cost. It will be added to your school fees and must be paid before you graduate. AP exams are for the highly motivated.
Depending on the student's AP test score they may receive college credit along with High School credit.  Exam orders will be taken in the spring semester. AP students are expected to complete extra reading, writing, and projects outside of the classroom.
Students can also earn 6.0 weighted quality points for AP classes.  All AP exams and makeup exams are administered on a specific day. You will be notified of your testing date.  As per Cabarrus County policy students may not drop AP courses once they have begun. Please carefully consider your AP course choices.



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 Advanced Placement Courses

Please click the courses to learn more about them:


 AP Biology  AP Calculus AB AP Calculus BC
 AP European History  AP Environmental Science AP English Language
 AP Psychology  AP Statistics  AP US Government
 AP Chemistry  AP English Literature AP US History



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