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Honors Courses


Honors Courses are higher level courses that challenge students and prepare them for college/university studies.


Students must meet certain criteria to qualify for enrollment in Honors courses.
Students who do not meet the criteria may be able to take Honors courses after consulting with appropriate school staff (teacher, counselor, or Assistant Principal of Instruction) and completing the Academic Waiver Form. 



Northwest Cabarrus High School new options for re-taking a course:





Students have three options when they do not pass a course:



1. If the course is not required for graduation, students may opt to leave the failed elective course on their transcript and move on to a new course.


2. Students may re-take the course in Credit Recovery (CR). This is an online, shortened version of the class that allows students to earn credit. Once CR is completed, it will show as a Pass or Fail on the transcript, and have no impact on GPA. The original failing grade will remain on the transcript and in the GPA calculations.


3. Grade Suppression: Beginning with the 2015-2016 school year, students who fail a course may retake the entire course on campus. The second attempt grade will completely replace the original grade on the transcript and in the GPA calculations.


***Students should contact their counselor to make the appropriate arrangements.***





Cabarrus County Schools understands that students may wish to re-take a previously passed course to increase understanding of content or improve skill mastery. Beginning with the 2017-2018 school year, students may repeat a previously passed course, only courses taken during or after Fall 2017 are eligible. Subject to the following preconditions and any other reasonable rules established by the superintendent or principal:


The student must make a written request to his/her counselor to repeat the course that is signed by the parent within 30 days of the end of the semester


- The principal must approve the request


- There must be adequate space after seats have been assigned to students who are taking the course for the first time or repeating a failed course


- The course must be a duplicate of the original class and must be taken on campus, during the regular school day. If the course is required for graduation, the student may opt to take a comparable course on campus during the regular school day.


- Upon completion of the repeated course, the new course grade will replace the students original grade on the students transcript and in calculations of the students GPA, regardless of whether the grade is higher or lower than the original mark, a mark of "GS" will be noted in palce of the original grade to indicate that students have used grade suppression


- Credit towards graduation for the same course will only be given once


- A course may be repeated only one time


- Students may repeat a maximum of four previously passed courses during their high school career


- The course must be taken within two semesters of the original course


Grade Suppression/Grade Replacement FORM