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How to Apply to NTHS

How Do I Apply to NTHS?


You can self-nominate (IF you feel like you've met all of the requirements)


Mrs. Machado will send out invitations to those Seniors who meet the initial requirements in mid-September.


You will need to complete the online application form on your school Google account.


In the application form, you will list 3 teachers who currently work at NCHS to complete your recommendation.  At least one of the three teachers must be a CTE teacher.


You will also complete a brief essay on the application form detailing your volunteer or community service involvement.

IF your application and reference are accepted, you will then pay a one-time $40 membership fee on the K12 payment center, which covers all membership dues to NTHS, as well as pays for your purple/white cord to wear at graduation.


You will attend a "cording ceremony" TBD on the evening of May 2nd at the Cabarrus Arena.  This is a district wide event for all seniors in NTHS in CCS as well as a cording ceremony for all Seniors in any of our career academies.  This event will be for students and their families.


Feel free to email Mrs. Machado with any questions at