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What is NAF?

What is NAF Track certification


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What is NAF?  (click on link)


The benefits of being a part of the NAF program are multi-faceted.  One of the biggest reasons you would want to be a part of the NAF Academy is to get the opportunity to complete an 80-120 hour internship with one of our industry partners in the health science field.


NAF is an organization that is nationally supported by many leading industries that partners with schools, educators, and the community to provide students with various opportunities for real world opportunities. 


Once a student completes the required courses in the Health Science pathway, he/she will be considered as a NAF graduate. These seniors will wear a green/white cord (NAF's colors) to wear at graduation and are considered as NAF graduates. 


Those students that complete the course pathway and also complete the optional internship will be considered as NAF Track Certified graduates. Students who complete the 80+ hour internship in a health science related field will receive an embroidered stole to wear at graduation.  Stoles denote a higher level of distinction; seniors who get a stole do not get the green/white cord. 


NAF Track Certification  (click on link)