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Social/Emotional Support


The National Model Program for School Counseling (American School Counseling National Model) guides the school counseling program at Northwest Cabarrus High School.  Personal/social development is one of several strands in the national model.  Northwest Cabarrus High School counselors believe that optimal personal/social development is rooted in healthy relationships, both with self and others.  By the time students enter high school,  a lot of their foundational personal and social development is behind them, yet high school continues to provide rich opportunities for testing and continuing to define oneself.  The school counseling program is designed to support students in the process of strengthening a healthy sense of self, practicing good interpersonal skills, and (when necessary) safely exploring and/or resolving issues that impact identity and well-being.  

YOU MATTER: knowing who you are and where you fit in the world is an essential part of feeling whole and healthy.  High school can be exciting and difficult at times, as students strive to become more independent in their decision-making and actions.  This often occurs through a process of trial and error.  School counselors and other caring staff are here to support students as they explore their inner journeys while navigating the complexities of high school.  Personal safety is of paramount importance to all of us; please be sure to involve a school counselor if you may be in danger.

OTHERS MATTER: relationships give us strength, but they can also test us.  Learning to develop and maintain healthy relationships with our friends, family and romantic partners can be challenging.  It isn't always easy to know who to trust when things seem to be going wrong.  School counselors provide a safe, confidential, caring place where students can explore their feelings, options and the best courses of action.  Personal safety is of paramount importance to all of us; please be sure to involve a school counselor if someone you know may be in danger.

The Student Services Office is a safe space for all students.  It is a place where any student can come to get information or support.  If a staff member you are seeking is not available when you need them and it is an emergency, please be sure to notify anyone in the Student Services Office so that person or an appropriate substitute can be immediately located for you.




Are you in a crisis?

If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis, please immediately reach out to a caring adult for support. Friends are great supporters, but they may not have the resources or training to assist in a crisis. If you are in school, come to the Student Services office or talk with a trusted teacher, coach, administrator, or support staff member (bring a friend for support if you are nervous or afraid). If you are not in school, here are some options to consider (list below). The most important thing is that you reach out for help. The person you initially contact may be your bridge to other resources that can change things for the better. 

Caring adults who can assist you with connecting to help AT school:

  • Teacher*
  • Coach*
  • School Counselor
  • School Social Worker
  • School Psychologist
  • School Nurse
  • Administrator*
  • Support Staff* (office staff, custodians, etc.)

*These staff members cannot provide mental health services, but they are wonderful, caring people who can help you connect with our Student Services staff.

Caring adults who may be able to help you OUTSIDE of school:

  • Parents or other family members
  • Friend's Mom or Dad
  • Trusted Neighbor
  • Physician or Medical Professional
  • Therapist
  • Law Enforcement
  • Clergy or Youth Leaders
  • Call a Hotline