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Shout Outs


Shout Outs NCHS


Shout Outs are NCHS' school-wide acknowledgement system.  This system recognizes and encourages students who are engaging in expected behavior.  The goal of Shout Outs is to increase the number of positive interactions at NCHS and to provide regular positive feedback.  Shout Outs also reinforce NCHS school-wide behavioral expectations.


Staff and Students celebrate the expected behaviors we see all around the building.  Students are able to recieve Shout Outs from staff for being respectful, responsible, and safe.  Students are also encouraged to give a Shout Out to staff members.



Recipients of Shout Outs are given the opportunity to take a selfie with the person giving the acknowlegment.  These photos are posted in our entry way, viewable on lunchroom TVs, and emailed to staff weekly.

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