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Dress Code for Graduation

Graduate Attire


For students wearing a dress: 


  • Dress

    • School dress code appropriate; color and pattern must not be obscene, fluorescent, or be able to be seen through the gown. 


  • Skirt/Blouse

    • Business Casual—a colored skirt that follows the same criteria above and a solid white dress shirt.

    • The skirt/dress must not be longer than your gown, not show at the top of your gown, and be no more than 3 inches above the knee 

    • School-appropriate dresses must have straps at least 2 inches across the shoulder. (No strapless gowns)

    • A white collar attached to the gown is permissible if desired.

    • Prom/party dresses, evening wear, and sundresses are not appropriate for graduation.


  • Shoes

    • Dark-colored or neutral shoes.  Sandals with a heel strap are permitted. 

    • Flip-flops are NOT appropriate for graduation.  

    • High heels are permissible, but remember that you will be doing a lot of walking and climbing up and down stairs.


For students wearing slacks and a shirt:


  • Shirt

    • A plain, white dress shirt with a white collar; polo shirts are NOT appropriate for graduation.


  • Pants

    • Solid dark or khaki dress slacks (no cargo pockets). Jeans, shorts, and other non-dress pants are not appropriate for graduation.


  • Shoes

    • Solid black, navy, brown, or tan dress shoes

    • Sneakers, flip-flops, sandals, boots, and other non-dress shoes are not appropriate for graduation. 

    • Boat shoes are permissible if leather and unscuffed.


  • Socks

    • Socks are required with all shoes. Designs are acceptable if worn under pants and must not be obscene.


  • Tie

    • All ties are acceptable; however, the visible part (knot and inch below) must be an appropriate solid color. It may not be seen if the tie has a design or pattern on the lower section.