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Early Grad Reminders



The faculty and staff here at Northwest Cabarrus High School would like to congratulate you on your upcoming graduation! To prepare you for the senior events in the upcoming months, please keep the following in mind… 

Are you planning on attending the 2024 NCHS graduation ceremony? 

  • We hope that you make plans to attend the 2024 NCHS graduation ceremony. If you intend to participate in our graduation ceremony Thursday, May 23, 2024, at 4:00 p.m. at the Cabarrus Arena, you will need a cap and gown. Orders for caps and gowns (and other senior items) should be placed with Jostens. If you have not already ordered a cap and gown through Jostens and plan on attending the ceremony, please contact Jostens immediately. You will need to pick up graduation information at the school as we get closer to the date.  
  • Graduation attire to be worn under the gown is required at rehearsal and ceremony. Failure to wear attire at either will prevent you from participating in the ceremony. 
  • Attendance at the graduation practice is required-please be sure to look at the school website and CCS website as we get closer to the date/time. 
  • If you do not wish to participate in the ceremony, please notify Mrs. Porter. Diplomas will be awarded at the graduation ceremony in May, so if you do not attend, please contact Mrs. Porter or Student Services to make arrangements to receive your diploma. 

How will you find out about other upcoming senior events? 

  • You will be responsible for obtaining senior updates and information for these events during the second semester. Make sure we have your correct address, phone number, and email address for any information that we will send. 
  • All information will be communicated; it is imperative that you follow our social media and that your contact info is correct with Mrs. Lopez. Be sure to periodically check the senior info web page on the NCHS website (located under the Students tab), the NCHS web announcements and the Student Services web page. Also, please follow us on Twitter @NCHS_SS and our Facebook is 

Do you still owe fees? 

  • Check the list of seniors that have outstanding fees (check with Mrs. Lopez in the office). Pay any previous fees that you may owe. Also, pay any CURRENT fees (science fee, math fee, damage or lost book fee, club fund-raiser money, cafeteria fees, etc.) You will not be allowed to participate in any senior events until all fees have been paid. 

And since you are no longer enrolled at NCHS… 

  • If you need to return to campus during the spring for any reason, you will need to come through the office and sign in/out as a visitor. You are not allowed to visit friends during school hours. You are also not allowed to visit teachers unless the teacher notifies the office in advance of your visit. 

Who should you contact if you have questions? 

Teresa Porter – Graduation Coordinator 

(704) 260-6720 ext. 45205 


Toni Bellon – Student Services

  (704) 260-6720 ext. 45170 

DeAnna Carpenter – Student Services 

(704) 260-6720 ext. 76725 

Amber Page – Student Services 

(704) 260-6720 ext. 76722