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COUNSELORS WILL MEET with each student individually to input their choices into the system. At that time, you'll have an opportunity to ask your counselor questions and discuss course options. Please note, whether you are the first person to register, or the last person, it will not affect whether or not you get your class choices. We simply input your class choices into the system, then the master schedule for the 23-24 school year is created, and then powerschool automatically generates each student's schedule. We will be meeting with students into March. Wait for your counselor to schedule an appointment with you. If you have scheduled an appointment, that is okay too and we can do it at that time.


Bring your colored registration sheet with you to the meeting with your counselor if you still have it. There is nothing more you need to do with this sheet besides bringing it to the meeting. 


Schedule Change Links - 

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Mrs. Deanna Carpenter School Counselor (A-G)

Ms. Toni Bellon School Counselor (H-N)

Ms. Taylor Downs School Counselor (O-Z)


Mrs. Margaret Gladin STEM Coordinator

Ms. Ellen Machado Academy of Health Sciences Coordinator

Mrs. Jacqueline Ferreira CTE Coordinator